Lou Ferrigno as "The Hulk" in THE
INCREDIBLE HULK (TV), 1978 - 1982

I remember watching this show when I was kid, but
it was only recently in watching the DVD of season
one and the pilot episode that I realize how well
done the show was.  In fact, I actually prefer the
pilot episode of the show (a tv movie) to the recent
big budget version, which for all it's money and
special effects was for me anyway far less
engaging or believable.  If you were a fan of the
show way back when, I encourage you to watch the
pilot and see how well it holds up over time.
The body comes from a Jakks
Pacific Ringside Rebels body (I
believe this used to be an
Undertaker).  Not well articulated,
 but where else can you find this
bulk and definition on a 1:6 scale
body?  I just used acrylic craft
paint as I don't believe there's a
better paint in the proper shade
of green that would adhere to the
rubber body anyway.
The clothes were prototype
scraps from my Forrest
Gump doll that I had left
over.  They weren't sized
properly for Forrest, but of
course here, they would do
just fine.  So in case you
were wondering what
Forrest Gump would look
like if he were to get an
accidental overdose of
gamma radiation...
The headsculpt for this
figure was completely from
scratch, and it took me a
while to figure out how I
would mount it to the
unusual neckpost on the
Jakks body, but in the end I
kept the same method that
was originally used on the
figure, and lined the inside
of the cast with vinyl so it
would hold up to the stress.
My favorite part during the transformation
on the tv show (aside from the cool white
contact lenses) was how his shirts would
always rip in the back!  So of course I
had to add that detail as well...

Speaking of 1970s TV shows based on
comic book characters, I've also been
watching on DVD the Lynda Carter as
Wonder Woman episodes.  Man, wouldn't
that be a great figure to do next...