Harrison Ford as "HAN SOLO" in STAR WARS, 1977

I was never very happy with the earlier version of Han
Solo I had done, although it was a custom sculpt and
featured some non-sculpted "craft" hair...  And ever since
Gentle Giant produced their mini-bust, I've been wanting
to plant that head on my custom...
That's pretty much it -- I
molded and cast a duplicate
of the Gentle Giant mini-bust,
modified the neck for planting
onto a Sideshow Toys body,
and then just painted him up
and added a clear-coat.  No
more craft hair, but it was
never easy to style anyway...
I like the sculpted hair's shape
as it reflects the way it looked in
the film.  The publicity stills
seems to have been taken
before Harrison Ford grew his
hair out a bit more.
I'm also glad that
Gentle Giant chose to
produce a smirking
expression for Han
Solo, as in the film he
is often sarcastic and

The vest is from the
Hasbro figure, and
the shirt was custom
tailored from an ecru
knit material.
The pants are also custom-tailored and
feature a more accurately scaled red
pattern down the sides.  (Hasbro's pattern
was grossly over-sized, and spoiled the
illusion.)  The pants are closed in the front
fly with a hidden snap.
I also re-constructed a holster
from scratch for this figure, this
time using aluminum (not painted
plastic) for the main buckles in
the front and back as well as the
lttle metal rivets/studs throughout.
 After assembly, I painted and
weathered the leather portions of
the holster for maximum realism.